Windows 8 tablets ready by early 2012?

Leaked roadmap reveals Dell plans to launch Windows 8 device early next year

Barry Collins
17 Feb 2011

Dell is planning to release a Windows 8 tablet in the first quarter of 2012, according to a leaked roadmap.

The Android Central website has obtained the timeline, which lists Windows 8 as the operating system for a device codenamed "Peju", which is pencilled in for a January 2012 launch - possibly at next year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

It's the first time anyone's put a firm launch date on Windows 8.

Microsoft revealed that the next version of Windows would also run on ARM processors at last month's CES, but refused to discuss any launch timetables - or even that the operating system would be called Windows 8.

One theory is that Microsoft will launch an interim Windows release designed exclusively for touch-based tablet devices, ahead of a full upgrade of the desktop operating system.

Dell is planning to release the Windows tablets alongside devices built on the Honeycomb flavour of Android, the first version of the Google OS designed specifically for tablets.

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