LulzSec hackers leak 62,000 email logins

LulzSec followers are accessing Amazon and Facebook accounts after login details released

16 Jun 2011

Hackers Lulz Security have released a collection of 62,000 email addresses and passwords, encouraging their followers to test the details on Facebook and other websites.

The collection of login details - seen by PC Pro - was seemingly released as a reward for "flooding" an online forum earlier in the day.

The document doesn't say where the email addresses and passwords were taken from, but suggests they're from a variety of sources.

"These are random assortments from a collection, so don't ask which site they're from or how old they are, because we have no idea," LulzSec says in the file. "We also can't confirm what percentage still work, but be creative or something."

We also can't confirm what percentage still work, but be creative or something

Followers have done just that, and started posting screenshots of hacked Facebook, Amazon and other accounts, showing they've gained access.

One user bought several books on Amazon using one of the accounts, while another accessed an online dating service, changing profile pictures to sexual content. Others claimed to have gained entry to online retailers and PayPal.

The LulzSec Twitter feed suggested the email collection had been downloaded thousands of times within the first few minutes.

LulzSecurity jumped into the headlines after hacking Sony Pictures, and has since targeted the US Senate and the CIA. Earlier this week, LulzSec leaked logins from a porn site, encouraging users to try the passwords on Facebook; the social network locked down the affected accounts in time, however.

Twitter has yet to block the account, despite the firm frequently shutting down Anonymous accounts when that hacking group used the site to organise DDoS attacks.

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