Fusion Garage cuts price of Grid10 tablet

Tablet maker drops price, delays device's arrival

Nicole Kobie
12 Sep 2011

Fusion Garage has cut the price of its Grid10 tablet, after pushing back the delivery date.

The follow-up to the JooJoo tablet was unveiled after a mysterious marketing campaign, pushing a fictional TabCo company.

The Grid 10 was originally to cost $499 in the US and be ready to ship by the end of this week, but will now arrive 24 October for $299, CEO Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan told PC Pro.

In the UK, the 16GB Wi-Fi only version will cost £259 (inc VAT), while the 3G edition will be priced at £359. The new prices follow HP's TouchPad selling out after a massive discount.

"There's really been no innovation since iOS. Everything has been a carbon copy of the Apple devices, and Android has largely been that," he claimed. "If you're trying to copy and you're a poor carbon copy, you're not going to succeed, and I think that's what happened in this space."

"Pricing is also a very important factor. At $499, why would you buy - it's like going to China and buying a [fake] Louis Vuitton bag, at the same price as the real Louis Vuitton bags. It doesn't make sense, when you know it's a rip-off product," he said, speaking about Android tablets.

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