Toshiba unveils USB-powered second screen for laptops

14in LCD screen gives laptop users a secondary screen without requiring another power socket

Barry Collins
26 Oct 2011

Toshiba has launched a USB-powered secondary screen for laptops that's designed to give mobile workers extra screen space.

The 14in LCD screen offers a resolution of 1,366 x 768, and is powered solely from a USB 2 port, allowing mobile workers to use the second screen on trains, in cafes or anywhere where power sockets are scarce.

The screen weighs 795g - which is marginally heavier than the iPad 2 - and comes with its own carry case, which doubles as an adjustable stand.

Toshiba USB LCD and laptop

As it's powered purely by the USB bus, brightness is restricted to a relatively dim 220cd/m2, with a claimed contrast ratio of 400:1. The display has a claimed response rate of 16ms.

Toshiba has yet to confirm the price of the portable screen, but it will have to be priced competitively to ward off competition from tablets, which can be used as secondary screens with apps such as Air Display - although this does require both laptop and tablet to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

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