Nokia squeezes 41mp camera into latest smartphone

Nokia shoehorns ludricrously high resolution camera into its 808 PureView - but it's Symbian, not Windows Phone

27 Feb 2012

Nokia will be including a 41-megapixel - yes, forty one - camera in its latest smartphone, the Nokia 808 PureView.

The camera also sports Carl Zeiss optics with a maximum aperture of f/2.4 and is accompanied by a single Xenon flash. The sensor technology, which Nokia said was "inspired by satellite imaging technology", is the highest seen on any smartphone today, and higher than most consumer DSLRs.

Images produced by the new camera are 38-megapixels in size, and in demos showed less noise than we'd expected and a lot of detail and punch.

The phone can also produce lower resolution images (5 megapixels) with more dynamic range using a technique Nokia calls 'pixel oversampling' – condensing the information of seven pixels into one.

Oddly, though, Nokia has not chosen to squeeze its mind-boggling new camera technology into its latest Windows Phone handset, but into a smartphone sporting the new flavour of Symbian – Nokia Belle.

Windows phone

Nokia also used its press conference to expand its Lumia range of Windows Phone handsets. The recently announced Lumia 900 – essentially a larger version of the Nokia Lumia 800, with a 4.3in screen – will be made available across Europe and in the UK in the next few months.

The Lumia 610, though, is the most interesting. This new budget smartphone will sell for around €189 when it hit the shelves in Q2 this year, and heralds a new era for Windows Phone with a much more basic specification than normal.

Touted as "perfect for the younger audience", the 610 will have only 256MB, instead of 512MB, which was, until now a requirement for all Windows Phone devices. It also has only an 800MHz processor – the previous requirement was 1GHz.

In use, the Lumia looked to be just as smooth as other more powerful Windows Phone handsets, although some features may be restricted.

We noticed in the settings menu a message warning that "Because this phone has 256MB of RAM, app selection and features may be limited", hinting that the 610 may not offer the full Windows Phone experience.

Nokia Lumia 610

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