Windows smartphones overtake Symbian for Nokia

Market share low, but Windows Phone 7 leads Nokia's stable

Stewart Mitchell
21 Mar 2012

Nokia’s UK sales of Windows smartphones have overtaken smartphones based on its older Symbian system, marking progress following the company’s switch to Windows Phone last year.

According to a report from Bloomberg that cites research from Kantar Worldpanel, Windows handsets made up 2.5% of the UK market, compared to a 2.4% share for Symbian.

Based on interviews with handset buyers, the research suggests Nokia is making progress in its intention to offer a third platform in competition with Android and Apple, even if the overall share remains small.

“The fact that Windows Phone sales have overtaken Symbian based on one handset is encouraging,” Kumar analyst Dominic Sunnebo told Bloomberg.

“However, Nokia will need to expand the range quickly in order to keep up with the slew of next generation competitor products being launched.”

The research found that the Lumia 800 contributed an overwhelming 87% of Windows Phone 7 sales across Europe.

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