ZTE: most people don't want expensive smartphones

Rival phone makers favour cutting-edge phones over mid-range devices most people want, says ZTE

Mike Jennings
20 Jul 2012

Manufacturers concentrate too much on expensive, high-end smartphones rather than mid-range devices that appeal to the "majority" of people, according to Chinese handset maker ZTE.

Speaking at the launch of ZTE's Grand X smartphone - which will cost around £190 inc VAT when it arrives in August - European marketing and business development director Chris Edwards lambasted the likes of HTC and Samsung for "tending to use price erosion and aged handsets" in order to deliver phones at mid-range prices, rather than designing directly for that market.

ZTE believes that "a majority of people want good-quality, high-spec devices" without the leading edge technology used by rivals. Even though expensive smartphones might "impress consumers", Edwards said that ZTE is "in the middle ground, where we've got relevant technology".

ZTE's Grand X makes compromises when it comes to hardware - Nvidia's Tegra 2 chipset rather than Tegra 3, for instance - but Edwards says the lower price will help the firm "open up what we see as a gap in the market".

"It's a crowded space, but we think it's an area where we can make our challenge," he added.

Despite ZTE's concentration on mid-range phones, Edwards said the company "doesn't rule out" a move into the high-end space.

ZTE's plans don't only include Android smartphones, either. Edwards wouldn't offer much detail, but confirmed the firm will follow up its Windows Phone 7 handset, the Tania, with Windows Phone 8 devices in the first half of 2013, while tablets will follow "over the next twelve to eighteen months".

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