Google's failed ideas: timeline of axed projects

We reveal the projects caught up in Google's cleaning spree

Nicole Kobie
7 Aug 2012

Google has been culling its product list - but what's been axed so far?

After Larry Page took over as CEO from Eric Schmidt in January 2011, one of his first moves was to tighten Google's focus, cutting back on failed projects as well as well-loved experiments such as Labs.

With a new tranche of axed projects announced over the weekend, it looks as though the cuts are continuing - but while some may miss iGoogle, did anyone ever use Catalogs, Lively and Picasa Hello?

We've collected more than 50 of the cut projects below, showing how long they were with us before Google picked up its axe.

Google's dead products

(Click on the icons above "Product" and hover at the top of the chart to sort by name or length of availability.)

The average age of projects is three and a half years, but most were about the five year mark. The One Pass content store lasted only a year, while Lively 3D chat died after half that, but the shortest lived was Google X, an Apple-style revamp of the search homepage that disappeared after a day. While the cuts started in earnest in 2011, some - think Buzz and Wave - were chopped after they failed to catch on with users.

Of course, it's only half-way through the year, so more projects could face the axe before the end of 2012. Which would you kill or save? Google+? Google TV? Let us know your thoughts - and if we're missing any in our collection of dead Google projects - in the comments below.

Data via Wikipedia, Google and PC Pro news stories. Data available here.

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