Update: Now Microsoft says Windows 8 upgrade is £25

British buyers of Windows 8 won't be ripped off after all, as Microsoft's press team trips up

Barry Collins
29 Aug 2012

Update at 4:15pm: Microsoft has told PC Pro that the Windows 8 upgrade will now cost only £24.99 in the UK, correcting an earlier statement that the price would be £39.99.

Last night, Microsoft's press agency confirmed in writing that the upgrade price would be £39.99 - a price that would have left British buyers about £10 worse off than their US counterparts, who are being offered an upgrade for $39.99.

This afternoon, the company's press agency said there had been a "miscommunication" from Microsoft's office in the US, and that the price of an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will be £24.99.

Microsoft's press agency insists that the price wasn't amended following press coverage of the price originally quoted, and that there had simply been an internal communication error.

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