Nokia: memory card slot would have "defiled" our phone

Senior Nokia executive explains why the company dropped the SD card slot in the Lumia 920

Barry Collins
5 Sep 2012

Nokia didn't include a memory card slot in its new flagship handset because it would have "defiled" the phone, according to a senior company executive.

The Nokia Lumia 920 comes with 32GB of storage, but omits the memory card slot found on its cheaper sibling, the Lumia 820.

When pushed on why Nokia didn't include a memory card slot, the company's executive vice president, Kevin Shields, told PC Pro it would have harmed the clean design.

"We started with the premise that we wanted an uncompromised physical form," Shields told us. "To put an SD card slot in it would have defiled it."

"Most people aren't using the storage in their phone, anyway," he added, although the Nokia Lumia 820, which has only 8GB of storage, does include a micro-SD card slot behind its removable cover, which Shields claims doesn't compromise the design.

The Lumia 920, on the other hand, has only two ports: a micro-USB charging port and the headphone socket. Yet, even that meagre number of slots caused headaches for Nokia's engineers, according to Shields.

"The micro-USB port is an RF [radio frequency] nightmare," he said, adding that it can interfere with the various other radios in the device without proper shielding. "Wireless charging is effectively a radio, so is NFC. Then you've got LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - and you've got a lot of antennas."

Showing off the goods

Shields claimed the launch of the Lumia 920 finally allows Nokia to show off features - such as wireless charging and the company's floating lens technology - that it's been hiding away for too long.

"I find it frankly offensive that Nokia has been doing such spectacular work, and has been unable to tell the freaking world about it," Shields said. "There is real innovation that matters to me here."

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