Leaks halt sales of Sony's water-resistant tablet

Company promises free inspection and repair service over manufacturing fault

Stewart Mitchell
5 Oct 2012

Sony has halted sales of its Xperia Tablet S slates after finding they weren't as water resistant as the company thought.

The tablets were launched last month and Sony has sold an estimated 100,000 units, but the company says it will stop selling the devices until it has fixed the manufacturing flaw responsible for water ingress.

The company's website touts the tablet as a go-anywhere, all-action device, claiming that "with the super-slim aluminium case and splash-proof screen, you can confidently bring up recipes with wet hands, and take it out and about".

However, the company said in a statement that a manufacturing fault had led to a gap behind the display allowing water into the device, which meant "there is a possibility that it cannot maintain its drip-proof performance specification".

"Sony is currently identifying the affected serial number ranges and preparing a voluntary free inspection programme for the impacted models," the company said. "The affected products do not pose any risk to the safety of consumers, who can continue to enjoy all the other features and the performance of their Xperia Tablet S."

The affected models were released in September and include the SGPT121, SGPT122, and SGPT123. The UK website is currently listing the devices as “out of stock”. Sony did not say when it expected to resume sales. Further details about the free inspection are available on Sony's website.

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