HTC to launch Windows tablets

Phone manufacturer to deliver Windows RT tablets by next autumn

Stewart Mitchell
21 Dec 2012

HTC is set to join the ranks of Windows tablet manufacturers.

According to a report from the Bloomberg news service, HTC is working on a 12in Windows device, as well as a 7in tablet that can also make phone calls.

Citing sources close to the company, Bloomberg said both versions would run ARM-based Qualcomm processors, meaning the devices would use the Windows RT operating system. They are set to be launched in autumn next year.

The company had hoped to make an Intel-based device running full-fat Windows 8, but dropped the plans because it realised it would have to charge $1,000 for the devices, which it feared would be too much to attract buyers.

Microsoft's own Intel-based Surface tablets will go on sale early next year for $899 and $999, depending on the model.

According to recent figures from IDC, Windows currently accounts for 2.9% of a tablet market that's expected to double over the next four years, with shipments of almost 300m units.

The news from HTC is a boost for Microsoft, which needs more manufacturers on board if it's to mount a serious challenge, especially after Toshiba shelved plans to build Windows RT slates.

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