CES 2013: Pure Jongo delivers multi-speaker rival to Sonos

Pure delivers a multi-room speaker system at CES 2013, with its new Jongo T640B and A140B devices

Dave Stevenson
7 Jan 2013

Audio company Pure has announced a pair of new devices to broaden the appeal of its Jongo wireless speaker system.

The £250 Jongo T640B is an attempt to crowd in on the higher end of the home audio market currently occupied by Sonos: a 100-watt, twin-driver hi-fi that delivers what Pure promises is "room-filling sound".

Like the original Jongo S340B, the T640B includes both 802.11bg wireless and Bluetooth, and can be paired with other Jongo and Pure wireless devices such as the Sensia 200D Connect and the Contour 200i Air for "tightly synchronised" multiroom playback.

For those who already have speakers but no wireless capability, the A140B (£99 inc VAT) offers 802.11bg wireless, Bluetooth, a 24-bit DAC and optical and phono S/PDIF audio outputs, plus twin phono ports for connecting to standard speakers.

The Jongo system is supported by the Pure Connect app, which is available on both Android and iOS, and includes support for audio content on both local networks and the company's Spotify-challenging Pure Music subscription service at £5 per month.

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