CES 2013: HP unveils USB-powered screen for laptops

HP delivers a cheap, USB-powered secondary screen for business laptop users

Dave Stevenson
8 Jan 2013

HP has announced the USB-powered U160 portable monitor at CES 2013, potentially answering the prayers of sales reps who struggle to crowd people around an ultraportable laptop for presentations.

The U160 is a 15.6in display with a slightly old school resolution of 1,366 x 768, but its biggest benefits is how it works - getting both its power and graphical feed from a laptop’s USB ports drastically reduces the amount of cable needed to power a presentation.

The iPad Smart Cover-style case keeps it safe in transit, although its 1.5kg heft means it weighs almost as much as the average ultraportable on its own.

The price could prove appealing, though: the U160’s price in the USA will be $179, or roughly £110. It will go on sale later this month.

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