Nectar charger offers two weeks of mobile power

Butane-powered mobile system will charge any USB device

8 Jan 2013

We've learned to depend on mobile devices, and there's nothing that proves that point more than running out of smartphone battery.

The problem has led to cases with built-in backup batteries and portable charging pods, but Lilliputian System's Nectar Mobile Power has an extra benefit: it offers two weeks' worth of charging.

The Nectar Mobile Power system is a small black device, larger than the standard smartphone but at 235g light enough to tuck into a bag. Insert a Nectar pod - a butane-based cartridge - into the side slot, and it converts the fuel into energy to charge the battery of whatever USB device is connected.

"The technology is based on highly efficient solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) wafer fabrication methods, including key nanotechnology elements, and is fueled by recyclable high energy power cartridges, or pods," the company said.

Each pod has enough fuel for 55,000 mW-hours, which the company says works out to ten full recharges of a smartphone or about two weeks of power.

Nectar Mobile Power

The Nectar pod is disposable, so when it's empty the cartridge can be recycled and a new one inserted for more charging.

The first iteration of the Nectar, launched at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, only works with gadgets that can be powered by a USB 2 connection, but a spokesman told us future versions would likely be able to power laptops, saving users from having to lug power bricks and cords around.

The Nectar Mobile Power system is taking preorders ahead of general availability in the summer from, which ships to the UK. The device will cost $300, while each pod is $10.

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