Mega will offer 50GB of free storage, promises Kim Dotcom

Controversial Megaupload founder is back with new Mega service, offering 50GB of free storage

Barry Collins
18 Jan 2013

Kim Dotcom's new Mega upload service will offer 50GB of free storage to all users, the bombastic entrepreneur has claimed.

Mega is Dotcom's latest venture, following the infamous demise of Megaupload, which was shut down by US authorities after being accused of mass copyright infringement. Dotcom resides in New Zealand and is fighting attempts to extradite him to the US.

In the meantime, he's ploughing ahead with Mega, which is hosted on a New Zealand domain and is hardly a radical departure from his previous venture.

"Mega will have very generous limits for free users," Kim Dotcom announced on his Twitter account. "For example you get 50GB storage for free."

That will far exceed the amount of free storage offered by Mega's more conventional rivals. Dropbox offers a minimum of 2GB of free storage, Google Drive and Apple iCloud provide 5GB, while Microsoft SkyDrive offers 7GB.

Kim Dotcom is also trying to transfer the premium status of Megaupload users to the new service, but revealed: "It is our desire to make you happy. When we have court permission or a case resolution you shall have your premium status back [and] more."

According to its website, Mega will improve on the feature set of its predecessor, with on-the-fly data encryption and improved upload facilities. "Before, you had to install the Mega Manager on every computer you used Megaupload from," The Mega website states. "Now, high-speed parallel batch uploading and downloading with resume capability are integral parts of the Mega website."

The new service is due to launch on 20 January.

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