Over-55s snap up ebook readers

Report shows ebook readers are more popular with the over 55 crowd than younger readers

18 Jan 2013

Ebook readers are more likely to be in the hands of people over the age of 55 than their younger counterparts, research has revealed.

Consumer research group Mintel said its research showed 29% of people older than 55 own an ebook reader versus 22% of under-55s.

"Digital books are particularly likely to appeal to seniors who may have problems reading or accessing physical books, due to their ability to enlarge text fonts, simple operation and instant download ability," said Mintel senior technology analyst Paul Davies, adding that seniors were more likely to read than other age segments.

While the 7% gap isn't a large gap, it's a much different situation than smartphones, with 29% of over 55-year-olds owning one, compared to 73% of younger people.

While 72% of the over-55s surveyed had a desktop PC at home versus 68% on a laptop, only 5% said they intended to buy a desktop in the near future, instead favouring laptops and tablets.

Mintel said the research debunks the idea that older generations are less likely to keep up with tech trends.

The Mintel report showed 25% of older Brits are spending more on tech than ever before. And while one in four say they need help with new tech, 15% say they know just as much about it as younger people - with one in ten saying they're the first in their families to get new gadgets.

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