VIA APC targets Raspberry Pi

APC Rock and Paper offer Android-based web access for $79

Nicole Kobie
18 Jan 2013

VIA has updated the APC, its cheap and cheerful Android-based computers that are similar to the Raspberry Pi.

Starting from $79, the idea behind the APC - or Android PC - is that many people only want to get online, so it's not necessary to have a fully-fledged desktop or laptop.

"The redesign that we offer is a computer that is more accessible, and

more valuable, because you’re not paying for functions that you don’t need and won’t be using," the company explains.

There are two new versions, the Rock and the Paper. The Rock offers only the board, costs $79, and is available immediately. The Paper comes in a cardboard and aluminium case, and will be available in March for $99.

The APC has similar specs to a mid-market smartphone - 800MHz ARM processor, 4GB Flash storage - but features ports to connect a monitor or TV, and keyboard.

The VIA APC runs Android 4 on an ARM Cortex-A processor with 512MB of RAM, features HDMI, VGA (Rock only), USB and microUSB ports, and supports 1080p.

Its specs are similar to the Raspberry Pi, which runs a Linux variant and is less than half the price, but relies on SD cards for storage.

The upgrade from the previous version isn't major, bringing a speed boost and more Flash storage - as well as adding $20 to the base price.

Via APC Paper

It's not yet clear when the APCs are coming the UK, but the previous version is being distributed here by RS.

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