RIM considers licensing BlackBerry platform

CEO Thorsten Heins says BlackBerry platform may be opened up, but only if it's successful on RIM's own handsets first

Stewart Mitchell
21 Jan 2013

BlackBerry-maker RIM will consider deals for rival smartphone companies to licence its platform once its BlackBerry 10 models finally arrive.

According to RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins, a deal allowing other manufacturers to use the platform is "conceivable", but only once the company has shown the handsets are successful.

In an interview with German paper Die Welt, Heins explained that the company is looking at various possibilities as it attempts to fight back against the rise of Android and Apple handsets.

"Before you licensed the software, you must show that the platform has a large potential - first we have to fulfil our promises," said Heins. "If that proves successful, licensing is conceivable."

It will be shown at some point how many systems the market can bear

RIM believes there is room for another platform in the market alongside Google's Android, Apple's iPhone and smaller rivals, and hopes to regain its importance in the smartphone ecosystem.

"We are a relatively young industry," said Heins. "In the smartphone market, which is growing fast, there is still plenty of room. It will be shown at some point how many systems the market can bear. I think our role will be substantial."

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