EE "listens to customers" with £76 per month 4G tariff

EE revamps its 4G data plans with the country's most expensive phone tariff

Nicole Kobie
22 Jan 2013

EE has revamped its 4G data plans after "listening to customers" - and responded by unveiling the most expensive tariff in the UK.

In October, EE became the first mobile operator in the UK to offer 4G services, but was heavily criticised for offering a plan with a 500MB cap, which could be chewed through in five minutes at 4G speeds, and not offering an unlimited data option.

The mobile operator hasn't ditched the 500MB plan in its new pricing structure or offered an unlimited plan. Instead, citing feedback from customers, it has introduced a 20GB per month plan, more than doubling its previous 8GB top-end option.

"The plan addresses a small number of 'super-users' (currently fewer than 1% of 4G customers) who have shown a desire to use more than the 8GB of mobile data that is currently available on EE's largest 4GEE plan," the company said.

Any user who went above the 8GB plan, which costs £56 per month, would have to buy an add-on for more data, so it's no surprise few consumers were going over the limit.

For customers signing up before the end of February, the new 20GB plan will be available for £46 a month for a SIM-only, year-long contract, or £61 per month with a handset on a two-year contract.

As of March, that jumps to £61 and £76 per month, respectively - a whopping £912 a year for a plan with a smartphone. According to searches on Phones 4u and Carphone Warehouse, that's the most expensive consumer contract in the UK.

As well as adding the 20GB plan, EE cut prices on the controversial 500MB data plan, dropping it by £5 to £31 a month for a two-year contract.


EE also announced it was underpinning a new mobile virtual network from handset retailer Phones 4u.

Starting in March, the LIFE Mobile network will offer 3G and 2G services over EE's network, adding 4G later this year.

Phones 4u said it would sell its LIFE Mobile network alongside rival networks in its stores. Pricing plans weren't immediately available.

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