Tablets to grab 20% of Google ad revenue in 2013

Click through rates up on mobile devices, but conversion rates still lag

Dave Stevenson
13 Feb 2013

Tablets are starting to grab advertising from the web, making up as much as a fifth of Google's ad revenue in the US this year, according to Marin Software.

The online marketing firm also found click-through rates (CTR) higher on mobile devices than on desktop operating systems. British smartphones produced a CTR of nearly 6%, while tablets contributed another 4%. By comparison, desktops were a relatively poor performer for Google with a CTR of 2.3%.

Conversion rates - the number who buy something after clicking an advertisement - remain better on desktops, however.

In the UK, 4.1% of users who clicked on an ad went on to spend money, compared to 2.6% on tablets and just 1.6% on smartphones.

However, Marin’s report noted that "smartphone conversions may be happening via a phone call or in a physical store, leading to artificially depressed measurements".

There was particularly good news for Google’s British arm, which saw UK smartphones and tablets generating 24.4% of all paid clicks from Google’s adverts in 2012 - an increase of 65% versus 2011.

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