Adobe angers iOS developers with 10% Director charge

App development software adds pay-as-you-go charge to successful developers

Dave Stevenson
14 Feb 2013

Adobe has angered its community of app developers with the terms and conditions attached to its Director 12 software.

The software, which is used to create apps for Apple's App Store, will now cost developers 10% of their earnings on any app which makes more than $20,000 (around £13,000).

The charge only applies to apps which make the watershed amount after Apple has taken its 30% fee per app. This means an app will actually have to make $26,000 before Adobe's charges apply.

The move has angered software developers, some of whom note that Adobe’s 10% charge comes on top of the price of buying Adobe Director, whose full version for Mac and PC cost just over £900 each. Posting on Adobe Director’s discussion forum, one user described the change as "preposterous", adding, "I will never agree to this."

"This is ridiculous," wrote another. “I realise you need to make your money back on development costs, but considering you are charging $1,000 for a new install and asking for an additional cut on top... is pretty insane."

Another user complained about the difficulty of explaining the charge to clients. "Try explaining that to a customer," they wrote. "‘Yes, we can make an app for you, but if you earn too much Adobe will take a 10% cut!' I can't imagine they would accept that, can you?"

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