Support for pre-SP1 Windows 7 ends in April

Users of Windows 7 RTM to run out of time in April

Dave Stevenson
15 Feb 2013

Microsoft has told users of Windows 7 without Service Pack 1 to upgrade by April or face losing official support for their operating system.

The Service Pack for Windows 7 is now two years old, which means support for the Release to Manufacturer version is ending - or, to use Microsoft’s terminology, entering an "extended support" phase. In this phase, Windows 7 RTM will be updated with security patches only.

The end of the mainstream support phase means that users of Windows 7 RTM will no longer get feature additions to their OS, and will miss out on non-security related fixes as well.

For those who have updated, Windows 7 SP1 will be supported for two years after the next Service Pack is released, or at the end of Windows 7’s life cycle, currently slated as January 2015.

Readers without Windows 7’s Service Pack can download it here for free.

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