Firefox 19 arrives with built-in PDF viewer

Mozilla's latest Firefox browser is now ready for download

Stewart Mitchell
19 Feb 2013

Firefox 19 is now available for download from Mozilla, featuring a built-in PDF viewer.

The download directory includes downloads for Windows, Linux and Macs, and the company is also expected to make an Android update available on the Google Play app store.

The Next Web first spotted that the files were available from Mozilla's site ahead of schedule, with the main change for users likely to be the built-in PDF viewer within the browser.

The built-in PDF function means browsers have one less plug-in – and associated security concerns – to worry about.

Other improvements on the desktop version include a tool for resetting the "Awesomebar" search provider, in case it's been changed by one of the third-party software providers that like to slip in search option changes along with free software.

The update also includes bug fixes, with more details expected with the official announcement later today.

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