Mozilla WebRTC lets you call from your browser

Technology from Mozilla allows calls and texts from browsers, without the need for plugins

Stewart Mitchell
25 Feb 2013

Mozilla has unveiled a practical implementation of WebRTC, allowing users to make voice and video calls directly through the Firefox browser.

The proof-of-concept demonstration - run in conjunction with Ericsson at MWC 2013 - uses Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) to bring voice and video capabilities to the browser without any plugins.

The technology uses APIs from mobile companies Ericsson and AT&T to bridge the gap between handsets and browsers so users can make or receive phone and video calls or send texts directly from the browser - either on their desktop or mobile devices.

This gives developers and operators a lot of opportunity to offer services while maintaining direct customer relationships

The companies claim calls can originate from either the Firefox browser or the user's chosen device and that users can access their mobile data and services from within the Firefox browser, including their personal address book.

"WebRTC goes beyond VoIP and video conferencing, with no plugins to download or install that may not be compatible with all the browsers consumers use across desktop, mobile or tablet," Mozilla said.

"The benefits of WebRTC are clear: imagine being able to shop online for a product and clicking on a product page where you can have a live video call with a customer service representative who shows you the gadget you are thinking of buying," the company added.

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