O2 TU Go sends phone calls to PCs and tablets

TU Go app allows calls and texts to be access across five different devices

Nicole Kobie
4 Mar 2013

O2 has unveiled TU Go, allowing customers to use their mobile phone number on other devices.

The service lets O2 monthly contract customers make and receive calls and text messages on devices other than their mobile phone, such as tablets and PCs.

TU Go combines VoIP and the O2 network, so that when a user receives a call, the app rings on all their devices - whether they're Wi-Fi only or support 3G - as well as their mobile phone. Customers can pick up the call on a tablet or PC if their smartphone isn't handy or has run out of battery, and make and receive calls if there's Wi-Fi or fixed broadband but no 3G.

"The service collects calls, texts and voicemail directly from the O2 network rather than from the customer’s phone, so it doesn't need to be installed on an O2 handset in order for it to work," the company said.

Users can also access their handset's address books, and view previous conversations and call history, across all connected devices. TU Go supports up to five devices per phone number. Calls and texts still come out of the customer's monthly allowance, regardless of which device they're made from.

"While it is still in its early stages, and TU Go is a first step, we have plans to develop the services we can offer using this platform – bringing our customers an ever-wider range of digital services on a wider range of devices," said Sally Cowdry, marketing and consumer director at O2 in the UK.

The free app is only available for O2 customers on a monthly contract, and supports the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - essentially making the latter device a smartphone - as well as Android devices running Gingerbread and above, as well as Windows 7 and 8 PCs. TU Go can be downloaded here.

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