Surface Pro has trouble waking up

Surface Pro users report the tablet struggles to return from standby mode

25 Mar 2013

The Surface Pro tablet has been hit by another glitch, this time concerning its failure to wake from standby mode.

US users of the x86 version of Microsoft's tablet, due to arrive in the UK in a few months, are reporting problems when trying to exit standby on the device, having to then resort to a reboot, according to our sister-title Expert Reviews.

"The problem is simple: let the device go into sleep/standby. It won't wake up," said one user on the Microsoft support forums. "I can feel a vibrate when I push the Windows button, but that's it. I'm forced to do a hard reboot by holding the power button down for ten [seconds] to regain access to my machine."

The forums have already figured out a workaround: go into Network Adapters and tick the box to let the Marvell Avastar 350N wireless adapter "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

The issue follows problems with the stylus and auto-brightness, as well as Wi-Fi issues that slowed connections to a crawl. The latter was addressed in the latest firmware update, but still seems to be causing trouble for users.

"Sorry to hear that the March firmware did not resolve the Limited Wi-Fi issue," a Microsoft moderator said on support forums. "Continued wireless updates are planned in coming months, please keep checking Windows Update during the next Patch Tuesday cycle."

The Surface Pro was launched in the US in February. While the ARM-based Surface RT arrived in the UK last October, the x86 version of Microsoft's tablet won't be available here for another few months.

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