Nokia plans to extend Lumia line to 'phablets'

Nokia is thought to be aping Samsung's strategy and extending its Lumia line of smartphones to a larger-screen device

Shona Ghosh
18 Apr 2013

Nokia is set to add a larger smartphone, or phablet, to its Lumia line, with the firm thought to be working on a large-screen device comparable to Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

The unnamed device will boast higher specs than the Galaxy Note, reports The Financial Times.

If true, the move suggests Nokia is borrowing Samsung’s strategy of launching a wider range of smartphones with larger screens in a bid to capture as much market share as possible.

Nokia was formerly the largest handset manufacturer globally, but lost that title to Samsung last year, by numerous analyst estimates. It's still the second-biggest mobile manufacturer, mostly due to its strong feature phone business, but its smartphone market share remains in the single digits.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is approaching ten million sales globally after about seven months on the market, while the Galaxy S3 hit 40 million shipments only six months after launch, pushing the firm to record sales. By contrast, Nokia sold around 13 million Lumia devices in the entire of 2012, according to the firm's quarterly results filings.

The firm is also thought to be working on updates to the Lumia 920, which launched last year to strong reviews, if not sales, with lighter, cheaper versions set to hit the market some time in 2013.

Nokia is also thought to be working on the first Lumia phone featuring its PureView camera technology, according to multiple reports. Thought to be code-named 'EOS', the new device will potentially pack a 41MP camera with flash. Nokia had already launched the 808 PureView, predominantly to show off the camera, but this would mark the first in the company’s flagship line with the technology.

Nokia declined to comment on the rumours.

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