Amazon developing a 3D smartphone

Amazon working on array of new devices to extend beyond Kindle line of hardware

Shona Ghosh
10 May 2013

Amazon is reportedly working on a high-end smartphone featuring a screen which displays 3D images without the need for glasses.

The phone will be 4G LTE-enabled and use retina-tracking technology to give the impression that images are floating above the screen, according to sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal.

The images will seem three-dimensional from whichever angle they’re seen, and users could even browse through content just using eye movements.

Amazon is also reportedly building a streaming device to play audio through speakers or a TV set using Wi-Fi. That follows earlier rumours that the company is already working on a streaming music service to rival existing companies like Spotify, Rdio or US radio service Pandora.

The two devices are throught to be part of a wider array of hardware that sees Amazon expanding beyond the Kindle line of ebook readers and tablets. The firm was already rumoured to be working on two further devices – a more conventional smartphone and a set-top box to rival Apple TV.

Eye-tracking technology and 3D displays would be surprise moves for Amazon, given its focus on producing affordable, rather than high-tech, hardware to date. The sources warned that some of the products could be shelved if not financially viable for the firm, meaning a 3D smartphone could never reach consumers if deemed too expensive to produce.

However, they added that the firm plans to release at least some of the products later this year, though they didn’t hint at prices.

Both an audio-streaming device and set-top box could make more sense for the firm, which has focused on producing Kindle hardware at cost, then trying to recoup money through sales of ebooks and other digital content.

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