London police will target online piracy

City of London Police force gets £2.5 million to fight online piracy

28 Jun 2013

The City of London Police have been handed £2.5 million from the government to target online piracy.

The funding, from the Intellectual Property Office, covers two years of operations, which will start in September.

The police force is based in the City of London, and is the "national lead" for fraud. It will be working alongside other European agencies and the US Department of Homeland Security, and will also target counterfeit goods.

Individual pirates aren't the target, however. The task force will be using its anti-fraud expertise to cut off the revenue earned by piracy websites, blocking payments and warning advertisers to stop working with such sites.

"This is not about targeting individual members of the public downloading music that might be illegal," Adrian Leppard, the commissioner of City of London Police, told the Financial Times. "Organised criminal gangs often outside this country... are making millions of pounds from this."

Leppard told the newspaper that he hopes that the music and film industry will help fund the anti-piracy unit in the future.

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