Netflix introduces multiple account profiles

Streaming service makes it easier for multiple people to watch on the same account

1 Aug 2013

Netflix has introduced multiple profiles for accounts, letting users watch the same shows separately without stepping on each others' toes.

The streaming movie and TV service will allow up to five profiles on a single account. That makes it easier for Netflix to recommend shows to individuals, and keeps people from interrupting each others' watching history - such as if they're watching the same series, but are at different points.

"I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences, where you sat down to find something great to watch on Netflix, but it looks like your spouse has been bingeing on those teenage supernatural dramas you can’t stand, or your kids have filled your viewing history with animated sheep," said Eddy Wu, director of product innovation, in a blog post.

The profiles will roll out over the next few days on NetFlix's website and apps, although support for Nintendo Wii and Android will take longer to arrive.

Google TV

The move comes as Google has quietly added television shows to its Play store in the UK.

Google Play previously listed movies, but now offers television series as well. While there are a few free episodes, most cost £1.89 per show, with series varying by length. It includes content from BBC, Channel 5 and American networks.

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