Nissan unveils Nismo smartwatch for drivers

But would-be Nismo smartwatch owners will have to buy a £20,000 car first

Shona Ghosh
9 Sep 2013

Nissan is working on a smartwatch for drivers - but only for adrenaline-hungry motorists with deep pockets.

The Nismo watch is only compatible with Nissan's Nismo line of sports cars, which range from £20,000 to £80,000. Since the watch is still at the concept stage, Nissan hasn't released pricing or UK availability.

The news follows the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch last week. With a number of companies - including Apple and Microsoft - reportedly working on their own devices, the car maker said it was keen to get into the "next big thing".

The Nismo's features include measuring the car's performance on a track and capturing biometric data through a heart-rate monitor. Both are unhelpful for the everyday commuter stuck in city traffic, though Nissan does say its biometric readings can alert drivers when they're tired or even driving too fast.

The watch also monitors vehicle efficiency by taking average speed and fuel consumption readings, and pairs with the car via Bluetooth. Nissan has also built its own social media tracker that lets the watch measure the wearer's use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

The Nismo snaps onto your wrist and is controlled using two buttons. It features a lithium battery that lasts for about a week, and can be charged via a micro-USB port. It'll be available in black, white or black and red.

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