John McAfee triggers the ultimate false positive

Security software's wild man, John McAfee, is forced to deny reports of his own death

Barry Collins
10 Sep 2013

The wild man of antivirus software, John McAfee, has been forced to deny reports of his own death.

Internet reports circulating last night claimed the hard-living security software entrepreneur had finally been quarantined after one too many drink and drugs sessions.

However, McAfee has taken to his Twitter account in the past few hours to assure everyone that he's still alive, and hasn't mislaid his sense of humour.

"I felt great when I went to bed last night. I had such great plans," tweeted McAfee, alongside a link to a report - now hastily withdrawn - that claimed he had died from an overdose.

He subsequently posted a picture of himself, sitting on a sofa with two dogs that appear to be endangering the life of one another, if not McAfee himself.

McAfee has led an increasingly bizarre existence for the past few years. In 2012, McAfee went on the run after being wanted for questioning by police in Belize on suspicion of murder. He fled to Guatemala, where he reportedly suffered a heart attack in a detention centre, where he was being held for entering the country illegally.

McAfee later claimed he faked the heart attack to buy time for his lawyer to fight his deportation back to Belize. Instead, he was returned to the US.

McAfee no longer has anything to do with the security company he founded, which is now owned by Intel.

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