ARM not working on 128-bit chips

ARM denies reports that it's already working on 128-bit chip designs

Shona Ghosh
22 Nov 2013

ARM has slapped down reports that it's working on 128-bit chip designs to support super powerful smartphones.

The Korea Herald quoted an ARM sales executive this week as promising 128-bit architecture within the next two years.

According to the report, beefier smartphone chips would be necessary to power memory-hungry smartphone features, such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition.

But in a post titled "128 bits is 64 bits too many", ARM flatly denied the claims.

"64-bit processors are capable of supporting the needs of the computing industry now and for many years to come," said chief marketing officer Ian Drew. "There are absolutely no plans underway for 128 bit ARM-based chips because they simply aren't needed."

ARM only unveiled its first 64-bit chip designs towards the end of the last year, and has said phones running the processors won't be widely available until the end of 2014.

Currently, the iPhone 5s is the only smartphone on the market featuring a 64-bit chip - although our review notes it's "unclear at this stage what advantage 64-bit itself brings" given the handset has only 1GB of RAM.

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