Ex-Microsoft exec Paul Maritz "too old" to do Ballmer's job

Ex-Microsoft exec Paul Maritz says he's too old for the job

Shona Ghosh
6 Dec 2013

Pivotal boss Paul Maritz has said he won't be taking the top job at Microsoft, despite rumours to the contrary.

Maritz was a senior vice-president at Microsoft throughout the 1990s, running the Windows platform group. He then became CEO of VMWare and has headed up cloud firm Pivotal since April this year.

Though not considered one of the top candidates, Maritz's high profile and 16-year tenure at Microsoft placed him on the list of potential successors to Steve Ballmer.

I'm happy to say I took my hat out of that ring very early on. I'm 58 years old and I'm not up for that journey

But speaking at the opening of Pivotal's European headquarters in London, Maritz told PC Pro he was too old for the job.

"I'm happy to say I took my hat out of that ring very early on," he said. "I'm 58 years old and I'm not up for that journey."

Maritz refused to be drawn on Microsoft's attempted reinvention into a devices and services company, or its restructure.

"I've learnt that it's easy to be a back-seat driver - all these jobs are hard and you give advice at your peril," he said.

Focused on Pivotal

Maritz instead said he was having "far too much fun" being focused on expanding Pivotal, which span out of VMWare and EMC in April as a platform-as-a-service offering. The company provides a suite of services that allow enterprises to build data analysis applications.

Along with the new headquarters, Pivotal will spend £100 million on hiring more UK workers and boosting its European customer base, Maritz said.

He added that Pivotal had been attracted to East London for its "younger startup community".

"We’re here because this is where younger people want to live and work," he said. "We're in a new era where enterprise IT companies will have to gain many of the same capabilities and cultural attributes that consumer internet companies have pioneered."

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