Free Skype group video calls for a year

Skype matches Google Hangouts with free group video calls offer

Barry Collins
18 Dec 2013

Skype is giving away a year's worth of group video calls, a premium feature that normally costs £2.99 per month.

The low-key offer is part of a promotion called the Skype Collaboration Project. To qualify, Skype users merely need to enter their email address, upon which they'll be sent a voucher code.

Some reports claim that redeeming the code merely adds a lump of Skype credit to users' accounts, which could potentially be used for other services, such as calls to landlines, but we've not been able to verify that at the time of publication.

Aside from group video calls - which allow up to ten people to join the same conversation, although Skype recommends a maximum of five - the offer also includes free group screen sharing, so you can talk participants through a presentation, for example.

Users also qualify for free live chat customer support.

Other services, such as Google Hangouts, already allow users to make group video calls for free, suggesting that Microsoft is attempting to stop customers migrating to its chief rival's service.

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