Sony turns walls into 4K displays with Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony CEO looks beyond TVs and tablets with Life Space UX revelations at CES 2014

Nicole Kobie
7 Jan 2014

Sony wants to break entertainment out of displays and frames with its Ultra Short Throw Projector.

The short-throw projector is placed at the base of any wall, projecting content up to 147in across in 4K.

Details on the projector were slim at Sony's CES 2014 keynote, but CEO Kazuo Hirai said it would be available this year in the US.

"This state of the art device can be placed anywhere in the home, turning the environment into a dynamic living space," he explained. "Normal walls will become fluid displays."

The idea is dubbed "Life Space UX", and Hirai said it would let users break free of traditional screens or devices, and create an "atmospheric experience".

Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector

For example, it could "create a 'window' to the outside that transitions throughout the day" or show a concert, sports event or other content on a large-scale in 4K.

Hirai said he's already seen the product in action, and that it would arrive in the US this summer. Pricing and other details weren't revealed.

He said the short-form projector was just the first step with the idea of "Life Space UX". The other example he gave was a ceiling-mounted projector system with depth-recognition cameras that could turn a dining-room table into a touchscreen device, for video chats or sharing photos.

One Sony

Hirai called on Sony employees to create products with a "wow" factor, calling for a "One Sony" ethos, echoing Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer call for a unified approach to the company's development.

"No more commodity products... no more just good enough products. We must and we can do better," Hirai said. "These products must be fantastic objects that engage all of our senses."

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