DNS error knocks BT offline

Weekend outage for BT users was reportedly caused by DNS server problems

30 Jun 2014

An apparent DNS server fault meant BT users couldn't connect to many websites for several hours on Saturday.

BT hasn't admitted the cause of the problem, but reports from users point the finger at its Domain Name System (DNS) servers, which translates web addresses to IP addresses.

BT hasn't said how many people were affected, but the fault appears to have affected most of its Infinity fibre network and lasted for several hours.

While BT hasn't said the problem was DNS related, many affected users reported being able to solve the problem by flipping to Google's public DNS or OpenDNS.

However, anyone on BT's Home Hub routers is out of luck, as it doesn't allow you to change your DNS settings.

“We can confirm some customers had issues connecting to the internet on Saturday morning," BT said. "The issue was fixed within a couple of hours and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."

BT advised users to reboot their routers if they were still having problems connecting.

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