Gigabit broadband arrives in the UK

Bournemouth fibre project smashes broadband records with "bursting" speeds of 1Gbit/sec

Hani Megerisi
24 Feb 2010

Fibrecity is set to smash the British broadband speed record, with the launch of a network capable of bursting at 1Gbit/sec.

Fibrecity's network will deliver day-to-day speeds of between 25Mbits/sec and 100Mbits/sec, using fibre laid in Bournemouth's sewer network.

However, one of the three ISPs offering connections on the Fibrecity network, Velocity1, will offer customers bursts of 1Gbits/sec for bandwidth-intensive applications such as downloading HD movies. Customers will get ten free gigabit bursts each month, each lasting for an hour.

The 100Mbits/sec Velocity1 package will cost only £10 per month, with an additional £10 per month line rental. Subscribers who opt to not pay by Direct Debit, or take the full 12-month contract, will also be asked to pay a £50 connection charge.

The other ISPs involved, Vispa and Fibrebrand, will be offering the high-speed broadband of 100Mbits/sec for £50 per month, as part of an entertainment bundle involving free off-peak calls and 40 TV channels.

Users who opt for slower speeds of 25Mbits/sec or 50Mbits/sec will be able to get broadband from £20 per month.

The 1Gbit/sec service obliterates the previous maximum speed available in Britain, which was 100Mbits/sec via BT's fibre-to-the-premises lines.

Fibrecity is planning to extend its network to Dundee and Sheffield in the coming months.

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