BT upgrades another 199 exchanges for ADSL2+

Almost 200 exchanges to benefit from up to 20Mbits/sec broadband upgrades

Barry Collins
11 Aug 2010

It may be in the midst of a fibre rollout, but BT is also continuing to upgrade exchanges for the slower ADSL2+ services.

The telco has added another 199 exchanges to its upgrade list, which will benefit from up to 20Mbits/sec broadband by the spring of 2011.

Click here for the full list of the 199 new ADSL2+ exchanges

The list spans the entire country, from St Ives in Cornwall to St Andrews in Scotland.

By the time this latest rollout is completed, three quarters of the UK will be connected to ADSL2+ or fibre broadband lines, according to BT. The company claims that 1.5 million premises have access to fibre already.

BT has also announced that it's trialling a "priority class of service" for ADSL2+ business customers. "The service will allow communications providers to better manage their customer networks based on key SLA (Service Level Agreement) measures of latency, packet loss and jitter, resulting in enhanced levels of reliability for business VoIP," BT claims.

The trial will begin this autumn, with BT hoping to offer the service commercially by next year.

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