3 breaks ranks with unlimited mobile data

Mobile operator promises unlimited downloads and no fair usage policy on 3G network

Stewart Mitchell
15 Dec 2010

Mobile operator 3 claims it intends to buck the trend of restricting data downloads with the introduction of what it calls “a truly unlimited data” package.

According to 3, customers signing up to its One Plan will be allowed unrestricted data downloads, rather than the previous 1GB per month allowance.

The announcement is significant because it comes at a time when most mobile companies are moving away from all-you-can-eat models, claiming consumer demand makes unlimited packages unviable.

“Because we are a totally 3G network, it was made for broadband, which is why we can do this while other networks are introducing caps and limits,” a spokesperson for 3 told PC Pro. “The change is aimed at giving customers peace of mind when it comes to data.”

Three told us that the new offer did not include a Fair Usage Policy, and would be available to all new customers as well as those already on the plan, which starts at £25.

The offer is not yet appearing on the 3 website, but the company said the site would be updated later today to reflect the changes.

The changes to the tariff follow a £400 million project to upgrade 3’s network, but only apply to smartphones on the One Plan contract. 3G dongle users will continue to face data caps.

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