BT map reveals fibre broadband locations

Cabinets not included in fibre-ready checker

Stewart Mitchell
8 Dec 2011

BT has created a map showing which exchanges are in line to be enabled for its fibre-to-the-cabinet Infinity broadband.

The fibre broadband availability checker lets you enter a postcode to see the status of exchanges near your home on a map, showing whether an exchange has fibre or when it is expected to get it, if at all.

However, rival fibre providers were critical of the late launch of the checker, and said it would be better if it showed more detailed data.

Trefor Davies, chief technology officer of fibre company Timico, noted in a company blog that "it doesn’t go into the detail by cabinet”.

Without information about local cabinets, the checker could prove frustrating for would-be subscribers because BT has acknowledged that not all street-level cabinets will be enabled, even if the exchange they are connected to does have fibre.

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