BT to launch install-your-own fibre this summer

Customers may soon be given the option to install their own BT fibre broadband equipment

Barry Collins
19 Apr 2013

BT is planning to allow consumers to install their own fibre broadband equipment later this year.

BT Wholesale currently sends an engineer to install fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) connections, which incurs an installation fee of around £100, unless the cost is absorbed by the ISP.

However, a leaked BT Wholesale roadmap first obtained by ISPReview revealed that the company plans to allow customers to install their own equipment in the third quarter of this year. BT has subsequently confirmed the plans.

The "wires only" service will require customers to install new microfilters on every telephone extension in the house, as most customers already have to do with ADSL lines.

BT will also allow ISPs to provide their own VDSL modems as part of the service, which might also allow broadband providers to reduce costs by combining router and modem into a single device.

However, there are fears that the self-installations may not deliver the speeds achieved when a BT Openreach engineer visits the premises, installs the equipment and performs other technical checks.

"As home wiring can affect users’ headline speeds, CPs [communications providers] can still request that an Openreach engineer installs the product and they will carry out additional work to minimise the level of electrical interference within the home," a BT spokesperson told PC Pro.

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