BT offers sports channels free to broadband customers

BT Sport will be free for millions of the company's broadband users

Nicole Kobie
9 May 2013

BT has revealed its new selection of sports channels will be free for broadband users.

BT is rolling out three sports channels, which will include weekly Premier League football games. The HD package for all three channels will cost £15 a month for people without BT lines.

Broadband customers will get it for free - even if they aren't signed up to any other BT television package - but BT's fine print points out that the offer is for "new and existing broadband customers who sign up for 12 months or have 12 months remaining on their contract".

BT Sport will be available via the ISP's own TV service, as well as Sky's satellite service, online and via a new app for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The move puts BT squarely in competition with Sky, which charges £50 for its lowest-rung sports package.

BT claims that only one in five households pay for a premium sports package, "possibly due to the high prices that have resulted from there being little real competition".

CEO Ian Livingston said the deal means competition will shift back to broadband packages, rather than television. "BT is the home of broadband so the fight for customers will now take place on our own turf," he claimed.

While BT has 6.3 million broadband customers, it has only 750,000 pay-TV customers, according to the BBC - compared to Sky's ten million TV customers - and 4.3 million broadband customers.

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