Chromebooks grab only 0.02% market share

Google's Chromebooks have failed to take off, web browsing stats suggest

Nicole Kobie
17 Apr 2013

Chromebooks have failed to grab even 0.1% of browsing market share, Net Applications has revealed.

Chromebooks first arrived in 2011 with a pair of laptops from Asus and Samsung. That was followed this year by Google's own Chromebook Pixel, a £1,049 high-end version.

Neither the budget Chromebooks nor the high-end Pixel are selling in volume, according to browsing stats from Net Applications, with Chromebooks having so few users that they don't even make the analyst firm's charts, according to a report from ZDNet.

For the week of 8 April to 14 April, Chromebooks grabbed only 0.023% of worldwide browsing, the analytics firm said. "Because it rounds to less than 0.1% it’s not showing up in our reports."

That 0.02% share puts Chromebooks on par with Windows RT devices - which were released much more recently and are already widely seen as a failure - and below even Windows 2000.

Chromebooks have never been seen as much of a success, but Google claimed at the Pixel launch that Chromebooks made up 10% of laptop sales at PC World, and that the Samsung device topped Amazon's sales list in the US.

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