Gmail, Google Docs hit by unexplained outage

Several Google services are down, including some of its most popular apps, in an unexplained outage

Shona Ghosh
17 Apr 2013

Google apps including Gmail, Drive and Docs are down for some users, with the firm experiencing an outage since this morning.

Google said six out of its 13 services were seeing some disruption, with only a small number of users reporting issues. It said less than 0.007% of its total Gmail user base was affected, or around 30,000 users.

The firm has yet to disclose further information for any of its other affected services, but says it expects to restore Gmail access to all users "shortly".

"Google Mail service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users in the near future," said the firm this afternoon.

A number of users took to Twitter to complain about the outage and Google’s slow response in updating its status dashboard.

"Took Google almost two hours to update their Apps Status Board," said one user. "Issues will be fixed 'in the near future' - what kind of a timeframe is that?"

Google said it had no further comment.

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