Office 365 for iPhone arrives

Microsoft finally lets Office 365 users open and edit documents on their iPhones

Shona Ghosh
14 Jun 2013

Office 365 subscribers can now get Office on their iPhone, meaning they can open, edit and save Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the go.

Paying users can access any Office documents stored on SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint. Files can also be attached to emails, while device syncing lets users open any recent documents you’ve accessed on your PC or another device.

And if you were in the middle of reading a document using SkyDrive on another device, opening the same document on your phone automatically takes you back to where you left off reading. However, that only works if you've got Office 2013 installed on your computer.

You can also create new Word and Excel documents though not, it seems, PowerPoint presentations on the phone.

Formatting seems limited, with Microsoft claiming you’ll be able to make "quick edits" to documents. It does claim formatting should remain intact if you make changes to any documents using your phone.

The app displays documents to "look like the originals", supporting graphs, animations and SmartArt. There’s also a "slide navigator" view for PowerPoint presentations, letting you browse through slides more easily.

[IMG ID=196114F]iPhone screenshots[/IMG]

You can also download or open a document while online, edit it offline, then save the changes when you reconnect to the network.

So far, the app is only available on the iTunes Store in the US but Microsoft said it should roll out to international markets "over the next few days". It’s available for free and compatible with the iPhone 4 and upwards, the iPad 3 and upwards, the iPad mini and the fifth-generation iPod Touch, although it's only optimised for the phone screen. You’ll also need iOS 6.1 or a later update to use the app.

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