Toshiba's trade-in scheme brands new laptops "worthless"

Windows 7 buyers offered up to £150 on old laptops - but even cutting-edge PCs are apparently "worthless"

Barry Collins
3 Nov 2009

PC manufacturer Toshiba has launched a laptop trade-in scheme for customers buying new Windows 7 PCs - but you'll be lucky to squeeze any cash out of the company, if our tests are anything to go by.

Toshiba is promising up to £150 cashback for customers who hand over their old laptop after buying a new Windows 7 machine.

The old machines can come from any manufacturer, with Toshiba deciding the value of the cashback based on "the condition and specification" of the PC.

Interested buyers can get a valuation of their old PC by visiting the Toshiba Trade-In website.

We asked the company to value the Sony VAIO VGN-G11XN laptop that sat proudly atop our Ultraportable A-List recommendation two years ago, but Toshiba's site said "there is no value in your laptop, but we will happily collect it from you for free, ensure your data is removed, and handle it in accordance with WEEE regulations."

We upped the ante with the £1,345 Asus G60Vx that is our current A-List Enthusiast Laptop recommendation, and yet that still had no value, according to Toshiba.

Toshiba was unable to comment at the time of publication on whether the website was suffering from teething problems or whether they were the genuine cashback values.

On the plus side, Toshiba promises to collect old laptops from your home or business, and the company says it will remarket working laptops wherever possible.

Non-functioning or worthless laptops will be recycled in accordance with the WEEE and RoHS regulations, according to the company.

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