Adobe Acrobat unveils online workspace

An update for Acrobat allows users to share files over an online space

Hani Megerisi
29 Mar 2010

Adobe Acrobat has unveiled a new online workspace feature.

The update includes features allowing users in different locations to work together. Groups of documents can be shared in one workspace, with access to files individually customisable, allowing certain users to edit selected files while others remain read-only.

“By creating a workspace, you and your extended team can share and collaborate on a set of project files rather than sharing them one-by-one,” said’s director of product management Rick Treitman, in a post on the company’s blog. “And there are no limits to how you define your team. Teams often span organisations, firewalls, and geographies.”

The new service also allows files to be stored in a personal workspace, showing files that have yet to be shared and letting users drag documents from shared to personal folders.

People who sign up for Adobe’s free service will receive one free workspace to try out, with 20 provided to Premium Basic ($15 per month) subscribers and Premium Plus level ($39 per month) receiving unlimited workspaces.

This represents the latest addition to Adobe’s web apps, which began with the acquisition of flash-based word processing service Buzzword in 2007. It also launched online presentation tool Adobe Presentations (similar to PowerPoint) last year, which fused online collaboration tools with traditional slideshow features.

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