BT dumps Vodafone for EE for mobile services

EE will provide 3G and 4G mobile services for BT's business customers

Barry Collins
25 Mar 2014

BT has confirmed that EE will replace Vodafone as its virtual mobile network provider.

The deal means that business customers who buy mobile services from BT will now effectively be transfered from the Vodafone network to EE. BT says it will "carefully manage the change from its current UK MVNO provider to EE to ensure a seamless transition for customers".

BT first announced its intention to partner with EE back in October, but today confirmed the deal, which will give BT mobile customers access to EE's 2G, 3G and 4G services.

EE currently has the most widespread 4G network in the country. It has benefited from a year's head-start on its rivals, as it was able to deliver 4G services over its existing spectrum, while the others had to wait for the conclusion of Ofcom's 4G auction.

BT also won a slice of spectrum in that 4G auction, but has yet to reveal what it plans to do with it. A spokesperson for BT told PC Pro that the company will announce its own 4G plans later in the year, which will be "complementary" to EE's 4G services.

EE and BT have previously worked together on a trial in Cornwall which saw 4G used to provide superfast broadband to remote areas that weren't covered by BT's fibre rollout. It's likely that BT will use its own 4G spectrum to provide such "filler" services, rather than relying on a partner network.

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